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In which countries is Snus popular?

 Dear readers, due to the many questions about my previous article on SNUS, this stimulant of tobacco that does not smoke, which is presented in small bags and is so popular in Sweden, I have decided to return to this topic.

The Swedish Snus that is produced with a heat process has a humidity that varies between 30% to 60%.

I am interested to know where it is popular apart from Sweden, and it turns out that the consumption of Snus is popular in other countries of the European Community such as the Czech Republic, Finland and Denmark. Its use is also present in the United Kingdom, Australia. In the United States you can find tobacco specialties in boutiques, especially in the state of California, and there is also a locally produced product that has a sweeter taste than Swedish.

With regard to Latin America, Snus is beginning to be popular in countries where the influence of European culture is important, such as Argentina, where it can be purchased in specialized stores and even in electronic stores such as Mercado Libre. Maybe very soon your

Snus is an alternative for those who want to eliminate the consumption of smoking and the health risks involved.

The interesting thing given that the presentation of the Snus is in small bags that are placed behind the lips and that it is not necessary to spit, is to be able to combine them with different flavors. The Newssnus page provides us with information on the latest trends in citrus flavors that add more freshness to the product in a kind of infusion.

As an interesting fact there is a new variation of Snus without tobacco, this product that has the same presentation is from black tea leaves.

For more information and the different flavor and presentation options for Snus visit this link:


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