lunes, 11 de enero de 2021

SNUS, perfect for tobacco and tea lovers

 Snus is a very common consumer product in the Nordic area of ​​Europe, especially in countries such as Sweden, Norway and Denmark. In Sweden, in particular, it is consumed by an average of 9.5 million people.

They are small packages of tobacco that are not consumed by smoking but inside the mouth, like a candy. Many tobacco and tea lovers find Snus a particularly exquisite product. Because apart from its original presentation with the taste and smell of tobacco, it can also be perfumed with fine essences and herbs, which makes its flavor particularly pleasant.

Like the tobacco that is smoked, many people use it as a stimulant in their daily tasks. Although its consumption originally began in European countries, it has now become very popular in others such as Argentina, where its tradition of mate makes them feel very identified.

It is also already part of the products that are offered in specialized tobacco stores in the United States, especially in California.

There are some people who want to stop using tobacco in cigarettes, so in the Snus they have an alternative that avoids being breathed and lodged in the lungs. Like all stimulants, its consumption is not recommended for minors or pregnant women.

For those people who prefer to shop online, some specialized stores allow you to buy Snus online like this

An important advice is given that it is placed in the mouth to have good dental hygiene, something that is recommended with other products such as coffee as well.

This smokeless stimulant comes in small presentations for personal use normally packed in several units with a variety of flavors according to consumer taste.

It must be remembered that being a product for personal use it should not be shared even worse in this time of pandemic and where Biosafety is important.

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