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Why specialize in IT (Information Technology)

Dear readers, today I have decided to write about training, as you know my opinion is that all professionals need to be constantly updated.

In this search for technological updating I found the SPOTO institution, which is a specialist in training on IT (Information Technology).

It has several certifications that caught my attention such as Cisco, Microsoft, Aws, Cism, etc.

But let's start with defining what information technology is and its importance:

Information technology (IT) is the use of computers in business for the storage, retrieval, transmission, and manipulation of data. This type of technology is not only applicable within computers, but also with cell phones and other electronic devices.

Generally they include the following elements for the conformation of the digital database of the company:

• Hardware and software


• Semiconductors


The database or also known as data bank is information stored on a subject or context in a systematic way for use.

The software used to manage these databases are word processors, spreadsheets, a management and publication system, calendars, etc.

The professional profile of people in IT is:

• Computer and systems engineers

• Systems analysts

• Computer programmers.

The professional who is trained in IT has the following work scope:

• Design, support and administration of computer systems.

• Computer programmers and developers.

• Network control.

The functions of the IT professional are:

• Process manager and technology tools.

• Server management and network control

• Developers and programmers of applications with code.

• Email servers.

Currently at the business level, the importance of having the skills for IT management is evident, in several areas:

• Strategic: It allows business owners and managers to have the tools for well-documented decision making.

• Financial: These are the technological applications that allow real-time monitoring of the economic situation of the company.

• Production: Both for the development of prototypes and for a constant optimization of production and its costs.

• Supplies: Stock management and inventory management logistics.

• Customers: Optimize the commercial function, before, during and after sales.

• Promotion: Use of external media such as social networks to increase the potential reach of clients.

• Channels and distribution: Logistics management of various commercial channels.

• Foreign trade: It allows the opening through computerized means of the company to markets outside its borders.

• Human resources: The use of technology both for the recruitment process and for ongoing staff management.

If you have critical and logical thinking, consider yourself creative and have a willingness to help others, and have skills in technology management, I recommend that you train in IT, and an excellent option is SPOTO.

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